NAKED Palette look

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Brushes: MAC 239 Shader Brush, Urban Decay Flat Brush (comes with the Naked Palette!), MAC 219 Pencil Brush, MAC 217 Blending Brush, MAC 208 Angled Brush , & Anastasia Mini Duo Brow Brush

Steps to achieve this look using Urban Decay’s Naked Palette:

1.  curl eyelashes (I use TARTE’s eyelash curler)

2.  apply an eyeshadow primer to lids (I use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Eden a little concealer or foundation works too)

3.  apply VIRGIN to brow bone (Mac 239 shader brush)

4. apply HUSTLE in crease (MAC 219 pencil brush)

5. apply SIN (wet) to inner lid; then gradually add TOASTED (wet) to mid lid (Urban Decay flat brush)

6. go back in crease and outer “V” crease (outside corner of eye) & apply DARKHORSE (MAC 219 pencil brush)

7.  gently blend out crease with MAC 217 blending brush; then with same brush add BUCK above crease for warmth

8.  apply HALFBAKED (wet) to tear ducts and inner lower lash line (MAC 208 angle brush)

9. line top lid with MAC fluid line in black track gel liner and also apply to waterline; then smudge down (MAC 208)

10. apply Bare Minerals Buxom voluminous mascara to natural lashes top and bottom lashes

11.  fill in brows using Anastasia brow powder duo (Anastasia mini brow duo brush)


-This look was slightly adapted from a very talented makeup artist I follow on Instagram, vegas_nay. Follow her, she is awesome!

– I included an image of the brushes I use so you can look at your collection and hopefully find something similar.

-Make sure if a brush is mentioned twice you wipe it on a paper towel before using it again.

-In the step where I wet the shadow this is done to make to color more pigmented and shimmery.  It is not necessary but it definitely adds drama.  When I wet my shadows I use a cup of water, dip the brush in, pat it on a dry paper towel and then in the shadow.  It is better to use too little water than too much.

-To add even more drama apply eyelashes after step 10.


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