How I Store & Organize my Makeup Brushes

About 4 years ago when I was in the process of registering for wedding gifts I became a little obsessed with going to Bed Bath & Beyond.  Ok, so maybe I was a lot obsessed and was there at least one time a week for one thing or another.  During one of my leisurely walks through the store I stumbled across this clear plastic organizer in the bathroom section and thought to myself, This would be PERFECT for my makeup brushes!  I immediately bought two: one for my face brushes and one for my eye and lip brushes.  Over the years they held up through a lot of wear and tear until recently my one year old (who is a BIG fan of makeup brushes, can I really blame him?)  dropped one of them on the ground and each tube broke apart.  I planned on super gluing it back together because I do not think Bed Bath & Beyond carries them anymore (searched online no where to be found). Then on a trip to JCPenney (to go to Sephora of course!) I was walking passed their bathroom section and to my pure delight I spotted very similar organizers.  These were even better because they are shorter and come in colors!  I wanted to get green but I felt black was more timeless and will be easier to keep looking clean.   I was so excited to bring them home and get my homeless brushes back in order again! These incredible organizers can be found for $9 here.

My Original Bed Bath & Beyond Organizer

My New Organizers from JCP

The great thing about these organizers is that it kills two birds with one stone.  It takes care of where to store my brushes and also with the divided tubes each brush has a specific place (organized!).  My face brushes do not require much thought because they are large and simple to distinguish but for my smaller eye and lip brushes I sort like brushes together to make it easier to find what I am looking for.  Below is how I sort my smaller brushes:

-fluffy brushes

-fluffy angled brushes

-flat brushes

-precision angled brushes

-pencil smudge brushes

-lip brushes

I hope this helps you with storing/organizing your makeup brushes!  These awesome little organizers sure have helped me.

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